MyVitalTV-Affiliates Built for the Hospitality and Restaurant business with; live and streaming TV, Internet, Wi-Fi, VoIP, mobile Telephone services, business telephone systems, digital signage, customer services, Guest services, call center services

We are looking for Independent Contractors to provide in person, in studio, on site, project driven sales support in the following service areas:

Live and Recorded, on location, film/video/audio production support services.

Portal Administration, CRM, Project Management, Sales Information and Inventory Management

Network Services Installation, Monitoring, Maintenance and Repair at residential and commercial locations.

You will be providing Sales Support Services for MyVitalTV-Business for Front Desk, Check In, Room Service using Interactive Displays, Kiosks and Signage

MyVitalTV-Business for Event Driven Internet Connectivity, Wi-Fi, Convention and Meeting Services, Convention Notifications and Messaging Apps

MyVitalTV-Business integrated In-Room Services, Live Streaming TV, VOD, Housekeeping

MyVitalTV-Business Live Sports, Channel Packages, VOD, Pay Per View Event Streaming

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