Guinea Pigs By: katherine

INTRO: Did you know that guinea pigs are good swimmers or that carrots taste like candy to them, and they have to have them in moderation. If guinea pigs scare you then this might change your mind. Guinea pigs are very interesting, and if you want to learn about what they look like, what guinea pigs eat and how to understand them, then read this article.

Guinea Pigs What They Look Like

Guinea pigs come in different shapes and sizes. They can be brown, tan, white, black or a combination. Guinea pigs have a padding under there feet that look like bubbles. They have long claws that you have to trim once a week. It depends on the guinea pig that you get but, they can have soft or rough fur, and it can be short or long.

A lot of wild Guinea pigs live in Peru.

Guinea Pigs Social Life

Guinea pigs make a lot of noises and it is best if you get a idea of what they want. If you get two guinea pigs then they can talk to each other. When you pet your guinea pig, if they start to coo then that means they like it. They like to talk to each other, but if they stand up on their hind legs and start to chatter very fast with there teeth, that means that they are mad so I would separate carefully. Any other noise is just contentment.

Guinea Pig What They Need

To start off your guinea pig will need a cage, it can be big it can have multiple floors, but what ever you get it has to be comfortable for your guinea pig(s). Your guinea pig will need a hide out of some sort, for example a igloo shaped hide out or a tube. They also need a assortment of foods and water. A few things guinea pigs can eat are pellets that have all the nutrition they need, and hay, but it is good to have a variety of fresh foods too, like oranges, strawberry's, carrots, celery, and broccoli.

Conclusion: Your guinea pigs can be kind or scared, you can train them but it is hard. You need to start with simple things like picking them up. you should go on some web sites to find out more. Try to think of something to train them like, to tell them to come by holding out a treat to them and saying "come". Do that a lot and they will think that when you say "come" and they go to you, they think they will get a treat.


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