The Holy Spirit Blake Holowicki

The Holy Spirit guides and influences the church by having said to create the world in Genesis 1:2 and even leading jesus into the desert in Matthew 4:1. With these major happenings attributed to the holt spirit, we can assume influences the church by having created the very ground jesus walked on, and leading him to the path of salvation for all human beings. When Jesus proclaims the coming of the Holy Spirit, and calls him Paraclete which means he is called to one's side( God uses the Holy Spirit to perform his will( Also, in our religion textbook page 41, it states that creation is the work of the Holy Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Another way the holy spirit more actively influences the church is by connect with those whom believe. The Holy Spirit comes to us at confirmation as said in acts 8:18, and helps us understand things we don't understand in romans 8:26. These teach that the holy spirit can assimilate to a person, and offer some kind of support. As stated in the textbook page 406, It is the Father who generates, the Son who is begotten, and the Holy Spirit who proceeds. Just as a craftsman uses his hands and fingers to do his work, God has used his spirit to produce such results as the following ( The Holy Spirit comes upon the Virgin Mary and "overshadows" her, so that she might conceive and give birth to Jesus(

One example of the holy spirit in modern times is Pope Pius X. He was accredited with performing many healing miracles. The Holy Spirit came through him to help those whom needed it most. Another example is when a virgin mary statue in Akita, Japan began to weep tears. This could be the power of the Holy Spirit showing its human emotion. My final example is at my own confirmation. The Holy Spirit was active at this time, confirming my faith in the catholic religion.

The Holy Spirit is accredited to having created the earth, and directing jesus to the path of righteousness. Jesus is able to live life as a human and achieve salvation through the holy spirit itself. Jesus heals the sick and blesses little children by laying hands on them. In his name the apostles will do the same( This connects to Pentecost because as Jesus guided his disciples, the Holy Spirit will do the same when it descends upon them. What this looks like today is when you are able to a part of a Catholic church with many others within it.

The changes I will make is to be like the holy spirit in the sense of putting people on the right path. I will apply it to everyday life by trying to live as jesus did. I will apply it to broader social views by being tolerant of both sides of the story. The implications is has is that we will be focusing on this area more in the future.

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