Ghosts Can't Use Stairs A Short Film

Adalynn is independent and overly curious. She's not afraid of anything...for the most part. Sophi likes to play, but she has a nasty bossy streak and likes things her way. Really Sophi just wants a new friend to play with...but it's tough when she's a ghost.

Story inspiration: When my daughter (Addison) was younger, about 4 years old or so. She liked to sneak out of her bed and go outside to play. One evening it was around 10pm, I heard running footsteps outside on our deck. Assuming my daughter had gotten out of bed again, I went outside to get her. She was standing in the yard with her back to the deck. I called for her a couple times with no response. I suddenly got a strange feeling that I should go back inside. I immediately went downstairs to check Addison's bed, where she was fast asleep. I'm still not sure what exactly I saw that night, but after that, at night if you were in the yard there was a creepy feeling, however if you moved up onto the deck the feeling was gone. It then became a joke that "ghosts can't use stairs" and you were safe as long as you were on the deck.

Behind the scenes - on location for "Ghosts Can't Use Stairs"
Created By
Nicole Smestad

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