Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art Synclair Baker

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist: Old Man's Cloth by El Anatsui is made out of aluminum and copper wire. This piece of art is one of the first pieces you will see. The illusion that the cloth is moving, the blocks of gold, red, and black, and the lighting that hits the piece contributes to its impact on the viewer. The size and beauty of the piece made from discarded bottle tops of brand-name liquor bottles aluminum is amazing because the details are well executed representing its origin. The origin of the piece is from Africa and it represent the heritage of my ancestors.

Design of the Museum: The Harn Museum is designed in sections of culture. The main exhibit that I found appealing was the African exhibit. The African exhibit had masks, tribal outfits and pictures of their ceremonies. This exhibit was appealing because it connects to my heritage and although the colors were dark, whether brown or black, each piece told a story about a tribe or a people and how the piece was significant. The particular masks above have meanings: the first represents all women, the second represents all common people, and the third represents nature spirits. The way the people communicated through the masks is astonishing because each had a different message.

Art and Core Values: The piece above is called Untitled, from the Kitchen Table Series, 1990/2010 by Carrie Mae Weems. This one touched my heart because it depicts a mother and a daughter sitting at the kitchen table while applying makeup. The picture is so simple, yet so valuable. One of my core values is valuing family. My family means everything to me, especially my mother. The picture depicts a bond and love between mother and daughter that reminded me of me and my mom. This piece instills the value that family is everything and will always be by your side.

Art and the Good Life: This piece is called Prism by Marilyn Minter. It is of a girls mouth all glittered. This reminds me of the theme embodying the good life because in the description it says "the painstaking everyday un- and re-doing of women's physical appearance and their strive for perfection". This reminds me of Barbie and how she set an unrealistic goal of perfection for little girls. So many of us strive to be "perfect" because we don't realize how "perfect" we truly are.


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