Stop Motions By Brooke and MADdie

What is stop motion?

Stop motion is an animation method that makes an object appear to move on it’s own.

Who created the first stop motion EVER?

The creator of stop motion is J. Stuart Blackton.

When was the first stop motion made?

The First documented stop motion was created in 1898 by J. Stuart Blackton and Albert E. Smith. It was called “Vitagraph The Humpty Dumpty Circus”.

We have a homage to the original because it was lost.

What are stop motions used for?

Stop motions are used for entertainment, and are rarely used for informational or persuasive purposes.

What types of stop motions are there?

well hello there

Some ways people created stop motion was using dolls (sometimes wooden), using drawings (like on a chalkboard). Another method was using clay or using many sculpted clay figures to create and animate, it was called clay-mation. Another method is taking photos of a real life object such as a tomato and seeing how it is made into tomato sauce using many photos of the tomato and then adding the pictures to video and having them move at a fast pace.

What examples already exist?

Many of today's popular animations are created with thousands of clay figures conveying many different expressions. Some films include “The Nightmare before Christmas” By Tim Burton and “Coraline” also by Tim Burton.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas


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