Benito Mussolini By emre bayatli

Mussolini’s rise to power

Mussolini re-formed the Milan fascio as the Fasci Italiani di Combattimento. What led to this party become so popular was that during the early stages the party claimed to oppose discrimination based on social class and supported strong unity, regardless of class which greatly differed them from the Nazi party in Germany.

Mussolini’s party later formed armed squads of war veterans called black shirts who would scare opposition away by using aggressive techniques.

Many would have supported this fascist movement in fear of a communist revolution, this would have been important later on how the government would let the black shirts wreak havoc on socialists

What influenced to Mussolini to be a fascist political leader?

In his early life Mussolini would have actually influenced by his father to have socialists opinions but this quickly changed after the war. He was in support of intervention of the war, but this was opposed by many socialist parties. For this Mussolini criticised these socialist parties and socialism itself for having to fail to recognise the national problems that led to the outbreak of war. He was then expelled from his socialist party for his support for the intervention of war. Because of this Mussolini made a radical transformation in support of fascism

March on Rome

It is when Mussolini and fascist black shirts gathered in Rome to demand the resignation of the liberal prime minister and the appointment of a new Fascist government. The king having military control could have stopped this uprising but did nothing in fear of a communist revolution

Fascist Italy

Once Mussolini became prime minister he gradually dismantled the institutions of the Italian democracy and 1925 made himself dictator. He wanted to re-establish Italy as a great European power. After an attempted assassination on Mussolini’s life all other parties were abolished.

One of the main things Mussolini did whilst dictator was that he gave the Catholic Church the power they wanted. This act would be important in gathering support as it essentially Mussolini bought the catholic church’s influence

What did Mussolini do during World War II?

Mussolini was on the side of the Germans as he wanted Italy to gain territory from France and also become an imperial power. In 1940 Italy declared war on France and Britain. However this exposed Italy’s military weakness which followed a number of Italian defeats. His partnership with Hitler led to him passing anti-Jewish laws.

The war was now taking its tolls on Italy through the series of defeats and bombing Italy suffered from the allies. The war proved to be Mussolini’s downfall as it lead to his former colleagues overthrowing and imprisoning him.


Once the allies were advancing on Italy, Mussolini fled towards Switzerland but was shot by Italian partisans on the 28th April 1945. After being shot, kicked and spat upon the body was hung from an Edson gas station in Milan. This was done to discourage any Fascists from continuing the fight as well as an act of revenge

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