• The mission will be launched in the Summer of May 27 , 2020
  • This mission is to determine if people and life can live on mars surface
  • We have already sent multiple rovers to mars , but the plan is on May 26 of the same year a day before send a rocket with supplies to mars to get to mars before the rocket full of people get there a day later .
  • On May 2020 we are sending 2 rockets to mars one for supplies the other to send the people to study whether or not we can live on the surface of mars

Crew Selection :

  • The four people going on the mars mission will be myself , Kyce , Chris , and Bobby Shmurda
  • All four of them went to Yale an got the proper degree for there work at NASA , Jason's job is to be a pilot , Kyce's job is the geologist , Chris's job is mission specialist , and Bobby Shmurda's job is the lead medical specialist .
  • In the two year program they learn about the space shuttle , how to be part of a team , medical procedures , how to give speeches , and learn survival training , and how to get used to gravity .

Space Travel:

  • The rocket we are gonna take to mars is the Falcon 9 The design is a 9 engine rocket hence the rocket name falcon 9 with a faster burn time and greater thrust .
  • To protect the astronauts they need a protective shield on the outside of the ship for space debris and to deflect radiation off and back into space, for gravity they need to have the ship spin to create artificial gravity to equal it out inside the ship , also for radiation they have new space suits thatll help protect .
  • The characteristics of the ship that will save the crew from radiation and space debris is a reflective shield on the outside of the ship the shield will save the crew from debris and the reflective will save from the radiation and reflect it back into space .
  • They will need to take food, equipment for testing, space suits, oxygen in a case of emergency , medical equipment , etc.

Living on Mars :

  • The astronauts living environment on mars will be a little town that involves the housing to be in the ground to stay safe .
  • The space station will keep them from dangers by being able to communicate with the mars people in case anything goes wrong or there's an emergency
  • Things we need on mars to sustain life are food water shelter and protection , specifics like extracting water from air , getting ground water , communication, better breathing through chemistry , methane generation , power from the sun , portable power, nuclear power, martian green house , living in lava tubes, and using hidden glaciers .
  • The experiments they will run are how to get water in the air and ground water , others like how to breathe better , and how to get power from the sun , also where to live like the lava tubes for example . They are pretty much just experimenting on if we can live on mars or not .


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