BRADLY's fruits and VEGETABLES problem

The answer will tell me the mass of the watermelon and carrots.

some important info is that the total of the veggies is 7.87kg and the zucchini is 1.12kg and the potatoes are 1.07kg so I + the potatoes and the zucchini witch = 5.62kg then I - the total and the 5.62kg and got 2.25kg witch = the weight of the carrot.(I repeated the same process for the watermelon.)

I know I'm correct because the total of the veggies (fruits)- veggies (fruits) =total of carrots.(watermelon).I used the slandered algorithm to - and + to find the total of the carrot. (watermelon).I used this algorithm because I'm use to it and it is efficient.

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