GOOD LIFE PERFORMANCE the divine: a play for sarah bernhardt

Last Friday, I went to the Constans Theatre and saw the performance of The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt.

Me Waiting in the Lobby

The Spatial Experience:

When I came in the theater, I attracted by the decorations in the theater lobby. They were colorful and flowing on the ceiling. Although it was dark outside at night, the theater lobby was very bright. I got a great seat location luckily, and my seat is at the center row, so that I was able to feel more engaged and focus more on this performance. When the performance was about to start, lights were turn off and everyone became quiet all in a sudden. I turned off my phone and be ready to see the show. This theater looks not small, so when people sit inside, they will not feel crowded, and it creates a comfortable environment for people to watch a show.

The Social Experience:

I attended the show with my friend. Because we were not familiar with background of the show, we did some research before attending the show. We learned who Sarah Bernhardt was and why she was significant. I think these preparations helped me a lot to understand the show. Before the performance, I talked with my friend, we shared feelings about coming to this auditorium and what we thought the show was going to be. In this way, we enhanced interests for the show. In the process of sharing experiences, we were able to see what we agree with and what we disagree with. My friend told me why she thought in that way, and I listened to her patiently and told her why I had the other perspective. I think discussion like this may help both of us and gave us a deeper understanding for the show.

Me in front of the Constans Theater Sign

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience:

This performance tells a story that took place back in 1905 in Quebec City. After searching on the Internet, I knew that this is all about one of the most famous and successful actress, Sarah Bernhardt, and her stories on stage and off stage. I think the central issue addressed in the performance is the importance and role of art in the society in the twentieth century. The performance did not really changed my views about issues happening in the performance. On the other hand, it enhanced my thoughts about 20th century culture more in a vivid way. I then understood that it is the realism that theater gives to audiences through twentieth century performances. Throughout the performance, there were scenes about how Sarah Bernhardt had to face difficulties as an actress. Watching the performance quietly and thinking about it deeply, I was able to understand how her pathway of becoming the famous actress built up back then, and think about how myself walk forward to face challenges in this twenty-first century.

The Emotional Experience:

Throughout the story, the only character who may not conceal himself in the young Leo, who in the end was the innocent who becomes the sacrifice. Audiences sitting in the auditorium saw and knew the truth in the back. When I was watching the performance, I tried really hard to think about how to deal with moral and ethics and how to create the balance between these two. Sometimes in life you have to do something to survive which may not obey your own moral. It is a hard choice, but sometimes it ends up with no choice. Audiences were able to think about this question deeply during the performance and gradually understand more about this issue in real life.

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