Dr. Aaminah Norris Teacher Educator, Freelance Writer, Scholar Activist


I am a Black Woman Creative Scholar Activist, a wife, mother of four adult children, and a grandmother dedicated to equity and justice. My work is

  • Reflective of My Communities' Lived Experiences
  • Committed to Cultural Humility
  • Critically Self-Reflective
  • Rooted in Anti-Blackness
  • Devoted to Anti-Racism and Dismantling Patriarchy

My background in education includes teaching, administration, and curriculum-development for thousands of students in grades K-16.

I authored curricula for the films Miss Representation and The Mask You Live In.

I am an Associate Professor in the Teaching Credentials Branch of the College of Education at Sacramento State University.

Commitment to Cultural Humility

I tell my students that cultural humility will not only help them to become better teachers, but it will also help them become better human beings.
Wherever you are, stand against hate.
I'm appreciative and glad for the work that Dr. Norris helped us do today and the info she shared. I liked the tone she set and the honest interactions she inspired.-elementary school teacher
My life's work is rooted in a dedication to equity for all of our children.
Non Violent Protest Against Police Brutality in Oakland,CA
I am committed to writing stories that amplify hidden voices including those of my extended family
I come from a long line of Black educators and teachers starting with my mom, Brenda Harker, who has been an English professor at Laney College in Oakland, CA for over 30 years.
My dad, Shaykh Musa, may he rest in heaven, was my greatest teacher. It's because of him that social justice education is in my blood.

I write, teach, research about and advocate for equity for girls and women from nondominant communities in general, and Black Women and girls in particular.


Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Norris, A., & Rodriguez, N., (2019) #SandraBland's Mystery: A Transmedia Story of Police Brutality in De Kosnik, A., & Feldman, K. (2019). # Identity: Hashtagging Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Nation. University of Michigan Press.
  • Howell, D., Norris, A., & Williams, K., (2019) Toward Black Gaze Theory: How Black Female Teachers Make Black Students Visible
  • Madkins, T.C., Norris, A., Russo-Tait, T., & Rodriguez, N., (In Preparation) “Now I’m Getting Help”: Engaging Girls from Nondominant Communities in STEM Learning Environments
  • Make-her-spaces as hybrid places: Designing and resisting self-constructions in urban classrooms, Equity and Excellence in Education, 47:1, 63-77



  • Controversial Issues in Child Development
  • Race, Identity, and Culture in Urban Schools
  • Urban Education

Graduate and Teaching Credentials

  • Foundations of African American Literacy
  • Women of Color in Higher Education
  • Theoretical Foundations of Teaching in a Democratic Multicultural Society
  • Principles of Teaching in a Diverse K-8 Classroom
  • African American History and Thought in Education

Books and Book Chapters

Norris, A., & Rodriguez, N. (In Press) #SandraBland’s Mystery: A Transmedia Story of Police Brutality, in #Identity, University of Michigan Press

Peer Reviewed Presentations and Invited Talks

  • Russo-Tait, T., Norris, A., & Rodriguez, N. A. F. (2019, November) “Consider the Flip Side”: Encounters with Friendly-Fire Racism and Sexism in CS Learning Environment, American Studies Association Conference, Envisioning Educational Futures Disrupting Antiblackness and Settler Colonialism in STEM Education Paper Panel presentation, Honolulu, HI
  • Norris, A (2019, November) #Identity: Hashtagging Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Nation, Book Release Panelist, American Studies Association Conference, Honolulu, HI
  • Howell, D. A., Norris, A., & Williams, K. L. (2019, April) Toward Black Gaze Theory How Black Female Teachers Make Black Students Visible, AERA Annual Meeting Division K Poster Session, Toronto, Canada
  • Norris, A., Madkins, T. C., Russo-Tait, T., & Rodriguez, N. A. F. (2019, April) Confusion and Empowerment: How Girls Contend with Racism and Sexism in Computer Science, AERA Annual Meeting, Paper Session “From Double Dutch to the Double Bind: Examinations of Dual Marginalization of Black Girls in Educational Contexts,” Toronto, CanadaRoss, D. L., Norris, A., Jin, Yi. (2018, June)
  • Incorporating Making into University Courses for Teachers. Talk given at CSU Maker Convening, Sonoma State University
  • Sessoms, D., Norris, A., Harper, A., & Merrifield, E. (2018, May) Engaging Faculty in Makerspace Curriculum Development Using the Faculty/Professional Learning Community Model.
  • Madkins, T. C., & Norris, A. (2018, March). “I felt empowered!”: A culturally relevant computing approach for engaging girls.
  • Norris, A. (2017, November) #Identity by The Color of New Media.

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