Digital Art Portfolio Zacahary wheatley

Food Layer Project

I chose the Rainbow Jell-O because it is my favorite Food Layer we did. What was challenging was trying to remember what that the tools do. What i learn during this project was how to put a background on my project.

Pop Art Portaits

I chose Peyton Manning Because he is my favorite football player and he plays for the Broncos! The challenging part about it was choosing what color I should use to match the background with. The new thing I learn was how to color the person and the Filter on him.

Hamburger, Food Layer

We did this one together as a class, so I didn't pick it. The challenging part was getting to know the stuff on here. The new part I learn was the paints and how to change the color you want to use.

3D Forms

I did what the YouTube told me to do. I just followed along. The Challenging part was the shading on the 3D forms. The new thing I learn was how to make a 3D form on a computer.

Things that Fly

I chose the bird because that was the first thing that pop in my head. The new thing I learn was how shading made an object come true. The challenging part was have the background look real as the bird it self.

Typography: Personal Name Design

I did my last name because I wanted to. The challenging part was making each picture fit on the words so you could see them. The new thing I learn was how to have the picture inside the word so the picture are between the words.

Themed Words: Typography Assignment #2

I chose this sport theme because I like doing sports and I enjoy them. The challenging part was to make sure that the word background does not match the background the word is in. The new thing I learn was to change the shape of the words and to change how you want the word to be. Like a straight line or a word that is curve.

Typography Text Image

I chose this picture because I like baseball. The new thing I learn was that the warp can be useful sometimes. Its just depends on the picture you are doing it on. The challenging part was trying to get all of the colors on and I had to make sure the text image actually looks like a baseball bat.

Typography Quote on baseball

My quote was "Never let the fear of striking out get in your way" -Babe Ruth The new thing I learned was that the is a other app like PS but its called AI.

Typography Alphabet Challenge

I chose D for dog because I really like dogs. The challenging part was trying to make the object into the letter you was.

Blackout Poetry

I chose this one because the words stood out to me when I choose this one to do. The challenging part is picking the words out to make a good one and one that makes senses.

Tie Dye

I choose these color because the video choose those colors. A new thing I learn was how to make a Tie Dye picture in Photoshop.

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