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Partnered with Cayex Illah to launch Complex 2010 Studio in 2010.

Merk's Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club was developed with one goal in mind: to fuel creative energy & entrepreneurship. Creator, Marques “Merk” Elliston set out to gather a collective that would not only feed their appetites over breakfast, but nourish & encourage each others' creativity. Breakfast Club takes monthly & various early morning eateries..

a Kid From Chicago Presents "TheSession"

The Session is a unique feedback model that provides independent music artists the opportunity to have a song critiqued by industry A&R, Merk, amongst industry journalists [Fader, Complex], award-winning producers, Ad agency reps, and other media professionals LIVE at Complex 2010. Merk developed The Session to fill the void of the traditional A&R, which has become a lost practice in the current climate of the music industry. Merk speaks to his observation of how “the virtual space has helped make our music bigger which is great, yet we’ve grown more distant. The Session’s goal is to bring not only the fans, but the artist themselves closer to the music.”

Merkify Project is musical journey thru all the sounds that make the New Chicago

While becoming the home of some of Hip-Hop’s most influential artists, the South Side of Chicago has also gained a reputation for being one of America’s most dangerous neighborhoods. The More Than A Bullet documentary gives viewers an in-depth look into the culture and science behind what the media commonly refers to as “Chiraq”.

Produced by Nick Davis | Marques "Merk" Elliston | Directed by Evan Staley

#TB4YS • To visually spread a much needed message so that in the future we can get people to think before they commit a violent act. As a result of being a part of the program students will walk away with the confidence and knowledge of one's creativity, presentation, and ideas. We want to expose them to a growth mindset; the belief that with effort and perseverance, you can expand your intellect, broaden your skills, improve your character, and overcome obstacles. We want them to understand and see that the key to getting ahead is not as a result of inherited talent or skill but, old-fashioned hard work. It's believed that the fundamental difference between the wildly successful and those that settle is not any inborn characteristic or individual learned behavior but how we think about skills and learning in general. The objective is to inspire the youth to become successful creator leaders and change the way in which the students think. How we think creates change.

Annual Beach Party #SPIKENSPLASH

The 40s Tour

Black Girls are Gods .. affirmation apparel + podcast created to remind our Women how dope they really are! Our podcast is currently under construction but for the meanwhile please check out our past work below

Hosted by Trina T & Domiti . produced by Merk.


photo by Don Alexander

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