Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Diana Diaz Venturo

Nature on Display

Selfie with Carcharodon megalodon shark teeth. Taken with iPhone 6.

There was a display in the South Florida part of the FLMNH Museum in which knowledge of various extinct creatures was displayed. The most intriguing exhibit to me was the glass case with a black background that contained the teeth of extinct and ancient sharks. The shark jaws were almost a neon white among the black background. I decide to take a picture with the jaws of the Carcharodon megalodon because it was the one with the most teeth. According to the exhibit, all the sharks that were displayed there were all completely wiped out except for the Great White shark. Before seeing this exhibit, I didn't realize how severe extinction for sharks was. As humans, we see sharks as scary and intimidating creatures so we don't really seem to care much about their extinction as we would about helpless seals. We see seals like these cute and cuddly animals that won't do any harm. The truth is, all animals are important to the ecosystem because they all play a specific role needed for nature to be in order. I found this exhibit enjoyable because it woke me up and made me come to the realization that all animals are important and it is important to remember what happened to those that are now extinct in order to avoid any sort of extinction from occurring.

Nature and ethics

Picture taken by Alexa Miller in the butterfly rainforest of the FLMNH Museum. Taken with iPhone 6.

I definitely believe the museum offered me a chance to experience nature without having a negative affect on the atmosphere surrounding me. I felt like another butterfly among the hundreds of butterflies or like another flower among the plants. I enjoyed observing the beauty of all the nature together and seeing the butterflies soar across the room. This picture was actually taken before I posed and I think it accurately captured my mood while I was in the butterfly rainforest. The museum was very cautious of those who visited this section in order to make sure that no butterflies were harmed or taken out of the exhibit with the opening and closing of the doors. There were other people in this exhibit too and they all just seemed in awe of the butterflies. There was one woman that I encountered who happened to have a butterfly land on her. She was ecstatic that the delicate butterfly decided to land on her instead of a flower. My experience in the museum all together did make me feel more tied to nature. I feel as if I owe it to nature to be respectable of my environment in order to keep it thriving.


Picture of a butterfly resting on a flower. Taken by me with iPhone 6.

Although this is photograph isn't an exhibit, it is part of the butterfly rainforest. I managed to capture this photo right after I saw this butterfly fly by me to the flowers on the ground. I chose this picture for this section because it truly shows the beauty of nature. It is almost serene and peaceful to witness this butterfly become one with the flower. The FLMNH Museum helps people step out of their ordinary lives because it provides a getaway into a world of discovery. At the museum, we are able to experience life in a way we never imagined before. I think the museum allows for people to further appreciate the life surrounding us. It makes us understand that just like how as humans we have our own cravings and possessions, our environment seeks protection. We have to take care of our surroundings in order to live lively and happily. In the butterfly rainforest, I really became in touch with mother nature herself and valued the meaning behind life. Life is found everywhere if you look close enough.

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