Catch 22 Project by Riley Francis

How is Catch-22 still relevant today?

War still affects modern life. In fact, the meaning of the word war is changing with the modern world. Now, "war" is paired with concepts than countries. Take the "War on Terror." This has taken the United States into war with Iraq and Afganistan while also taking the conflict into numerous other countries. Heller's message about war still applies to this application of the word. Wars against concepts rather than certain people cannot be won. While they are a way to combat social and political evils, they are still a cause of death. War is still, and will always be, a death trap

The theme of bureaucratic control is still relevant. There is no doubt that bureaucracy influences modern life. Paperwork is apart of day to day life and tasks can become time consuming. While we do benefit from what bureaucracy does have to offer, a change in regulations or rules could cause changes in an individual's life. Regular citizens may not be as controlled by it as Yossarian was, for his duties and number of missions changed everytime command saw fit. Yet regular citizens do still face changes in their lives when certain aspects of bureaucracy changes.

The character of Milo Minderbinder is relevant to modern American Capitalism. He keeps growing his syndicate, trying to join forces with anyone he can. He takes necessary parts from the planes just to help his business grow. This was exemplified when Orr's plane went down, and he and his fellow soldiers could not inflate their life jackets because Milo took the carbon dioxide. This is applicablle to American capitalism because people in business get ahead by taking over other companies, getting cheap resources, and selling whatever they can find that they think will be popular. The mentality is simillar to what Milo would say: "what's good for the syndicate is good for the country." (Heller 232).

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