Tokyo Feb 2017

Hama-rikyu park Cherry trees in blossom

Cherry blossoms in early spring

Imperial Gardens East, Imperial Palace

One of the original guardhouses. Imperial Gardens

Camelias in bloom

Entry door at Otemachi gate of Imperial Gardens

Single person entry

Outside moat. Otemachi entrance, Imperial Gardens

Hard at work guarding the gardens

Flowering Rape. The air is perfumed

Hama-rikyu gardens

300 year old pine

Standing near the entrance to Sensō-ji

Shops line the entrance to Sensō-ji temple

Sensō-ji Buddhist temple

Oldest original structure in Sensō-ji

Sensō-ji grounds

Koi pond. Sensō-ji

Sensō-ji temple

Trying to get the smoke from incense and good fortunes on the bad parts of their body.

The bad fortunes are left behind, tied to the wires, while the good fortunes go home.

Entrance to Meiji Shrine grounds

Meiji Shrine
Meiji Shrine
Wishes and prayers left at the Meiji Shrine
Purifying fountain
Love is everywhere and Cupid awaits

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