Dragon Journal November 20, 2020

Virtual Holiday Gift Shop - It's not too late to have your child participate in this year's Virtual Holiday Gift Shop! The event now ends Sunday, November 22nd! Please see the event flyer below for login information.

Scholastic Book Fair - The Scholastic Book Fair is going on now through November 24th. Take a moment to peruse the fair at http://www.scholastic.com/bf/schroedertroy. This has always been a fun event for our students and families. Huge thank you to Mrs. Kang for keeping the tradition going during these unprecedented times.

SchoolPay - TSD has moved to a new payment system, called SchoolPay. TSD will no longer use Payschools or MySchoolBucks. Parents can use SchoolPay to pay online for school-related payments, technology fees (such as iPad insurance) and food service payments. Parents can access SchoolPay through the PowerSchool parent portal (Web only, NOT the app) without having to set up another login and password. Here are downloadable instructions to use SchoolPay:

One important note: All electronic payments come with a convenience fee to use their service. In the past, the TSD has been able to absorb the fees, but we can no longer sustain that. When parents utilize SchoolPay, they will be charged a 3.99% service fee. Parents who do not want to pay the convenience fee can avoid that by mailing a check to their student's school. No cash can be accepted for payments. Parents who require assistance with SchoolPay specifically should contact SchoolPay Support at support@schoolpay.com or (888) 886-9729 and not the Schroeder office. Schroeder staff does not have access to user accounts.

Future Dates to Consider

  • November 17 to November 22 - Virtual Holiday Gift Shop
  • November 25, 26 and 27 - No School / Thanksgiving Break
  • December 15 - Grades released on Powerschool
  • December 21 to January 1 - Winter Break
  • January 4 - Classes resume