Topsail Island by alexis mae strohecker


Topsail is found in N.C also known as North Carolina. Topsail is an island outside of N.C. Topsail is also known as Surf City. The reason for the nickname of Surf City is because the town right before you enter Topsail is Surf City.

Sea Shore Houses

Time ofLocation

Topsail originated in 1700's when pirate ships roamed the waters. A few structures still stand and I will talk about one of them soon, but for right now I want to say Topsail is in the perfect spot. The reason why is because Topsail is like a hot spot for tourists. They come and go all year round but mainly in the spring and summer. This is because of the fabulous Topsail Coastal Beach. The benefits of having a beach is the people that have shops there get lots of money.


An old rumor is the black beard and his mighty crew used to roam the waters of Topsail Coastal Beach. People say that if you are alone on a little boat out on the water that your boat will start to flip or try to flip over and if you fall out you boat will be stolen. They say once that happens black bread is the one who took and he needs it to rebuild his ship that sunk.

Before the ship sank the pirates would hid their ships in the channel behind the island and wait for passing merchant ships loaded with goods. The pirates would pursue and attack the merchants, claiming the cargoes as their own. Eventually the merchants became aware of this famous hiding place and began to watch for the tops of the pirates' sails showing over the rolling dunes {hence the name Topsail Island}.

More History

Topsail never used to be just Topsail, it also used to be a military experiment site. The military set of about 200 rockets from the Topsail beach for 1946- 1948. Topsail was not Topsail until 1963

To Do

There are old battleships that are still a float that you can walk into still. They take up to about an hour and a half to go through the first one we went through.

The Battleship, includes inside view captain seat, and the outside of the battleship, it also shows the rockets that they shot of the beach.

The Beach

The beach front is an amazing place to go. The beach is surf heaven I love riding them. The waves could take down a a full grown adult. How I know is because it took down my mom and dad. Another thing to enjoy is the origins of Topsail Beach as a small coastal fishing town is evident at the Jolly Roger Fishing Pier, where king mackerel fisherman demonstrate their fishing skills at the very end of the pier or spot fisherman stand shoulder to shoulder in the fall.

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