Crows: Messengers of Prophecy Journal 2

"Crows" by Steve McOrmond

"In the morning, crows will wake us from a tangle of uneasy dreams. Boisterous in the treetops, tuneless as 10,000 cigarettes, they're singing our song."

One of the reasons why I was drawn to this poem was the fact that it's setting is in Charlottetown. The poem seems to have a very bleak and gritty tone, in some mythology and folklore crows are associated with death and prophecy so I think keeping that in mind while reading the poem really brings out an interesting tone. This poem really resonated with me because McOrmond discusses aspects of PEI that I would not have expected such as welfare and domestic violence. The lines above really caught my attention, I thought that it was a nice way to end off the poem. I think that McOrmond compares the the sound of the crows to the voices of the people smoking cigarettes. The lines at the beginning, "The conscience of this sleepy town, our sins cloud the air and stick to them" I thought that perhaps McOrmond was suggesting that the crows observe their sins then they sing in the trees like messengers to remind the people of the lives they ended up with.

By: Maureen Bungay


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