Find the Secret Stuff (Silos and books)

P211.T45. I found this to be a pretty weird set of numbers and letters. Then I thought back to my lower school library days and remembered how to find library books. I googled the number and letter combination and pictures of a silo also came up. I quickly realized there were two parts of this mystery.

After searching the internet, we ventured to this silo.
We found the same numbers as the ones in our syllabus.

What could this all mean? We really were not sure, but we knew that there was another stop we were supposed to make on our search. The supposed "secret" book was still out there waiting for us. We walked into the library and asked about it at the front counter. The librarian told us that the book was only available to check out for two hours max. We glanced at the book she handed us and realized that it was not the original. We asked and found out that the original was kept in the Special Collections library down the Strom Elevator.

This library was very strange and didn't seem to have any actual books in it. We asked at the front desk there for the book. The man made us give him our Clemson IDs and wrote down our ID numbers on a log. He told us to put our backpacks in another room and unlocked the cabinet that held the book.

This was a very weird type of book.

This book was a sort of yearbook for the classes that came before us. The book had signatures, quotes, drawings, and even pictures taped in. I could tell that the book was part of Clemson's history. I think the most important rhetoric cannon used in this project is invention. The creator, David Tillinghast, could of had no idea the magnitude of his invention when he made it. Someone had to come up with this rare idea to skyrocket the aftermath effects. Arrangement is also important because of the two parts of P211 .t45. The fact that one part leads to the other is part of what makes the whole thing so impactful and full of mystery. Style is used because of the artful expression of ideas. The silo and book component made the style of the thing truly artistic. The delivery was also masterful because what was in the book was almost not as important as how the content was delivered. The book itself has little meaning to those who did not write in it, but the magnitude of P211 .t45 is felt.

P211 .t45 also uses rhetorical appeals such as pathos. This creation appeals to emotion because wanting to be apart of something historic pulls on everybody's heart strings. By writing in this book, a person's words become permanent and something that will be seen by many generations to come. One person becomes part of a whole Clemson family. By holding the book, it is obvious that it is old and important. It appeals to everyone to be apart of a tradition and that is what this book has become for Clemson students.

I think that P211 .t45 embodies the connection between nature and the written word. Emerson and Thoreau devoted their lives to the combination of nature and literature. They thought that first to understand anything about the world, one must go into the world and live the bare minimum out in the woods. David Tillinghast must have had a similar want for people to understand how one does not matter as much without the other.

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