My Tour of the Harn by Dreyton Lott

INTRODUCTION: I had never been to the Harn before, and I greatly enjoyed this opportunity to go. I didn't get to see everything I wanted to, but the exhibits and pieces I did get to see really appealed to me, and made my overall experience here enjoyable.
MEDIUM OF ART: This was one of the first art pieces I saw in the museum. It was 1 of 3 pieces that were all made the same way and were depictions of New York City using by carving black wood. It was incredible to see the small strokes and cuts of the wood in person, as I was truly able to appreciate the hard work that went into these pieces of art. I also enjoyed seeing pictures of New York as I had traveled there with my dad over the summer and it brought back good memories, as well as the awe I had at the hard work that had to go into such a piece.
DESIGN OF MUSEUM: This is a picture of one of the gardens in the museum that my friend who had been there previously took me to. I always enjoy anything outside more than things inside, so seeing this design of the museum was my favorite. The scenery was beautiful, and a nice small stream ran through the middle. This exhibit made me feel at peace and happy as I think some of the most beautiful forms of art are unintentional and before our very eyes as we step outside into the wilderness.
ART AND CORE VALUES: This piece was a series of pictures of an impression of the artist's body put into a small volcano, filled with gunpowder, and then set ablaze. It was said to represent spiritual transformation, the cyclical forces of creation and destruction, and asserting our physical connection to nature. This artwork aligns with my beliefs regarding the ability to change, as well as my admiration for nature. This particular representation of the idea that we are able to change and transform throughout our lives made me feel happy and inspired, and helped me understand a little more about the extent to which I and all the people I care about in life will truly change and grow.
ART AND THE GOOD LIFE: As soon as I saw this piece, I thought it represented the good life theme of "fighting". This piece was a short video that coincided with the feminist movement in the 1970's. The artist is filmed naming things in alphabetical order in a kitchen , getting more violent as she moves down the alphabet. It was intended to challenge the traditional role of women in society and in the home. It communicates the theme of fighting through this as the artist did not accept her place in life, and used art to try and better her life, and the lives of all other women.

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