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Location is the specific physical point on the earth , it's often described by longitude and latitude.

This is a picture is a drawling/coloring on the side of a building, people in Antananarivo do this often.
This a picture of the view of Antananarivo, the white letters are a similar idea of the Hollywood sign.
Antananarivo is known for its sunsets and open land.
The streets of Antananarivo are always packed and very busy with people going along with their day.

the country is relative to the southeast coast of Africa , since it's on the coast it has amazing landforms like the kalahari and Namibia dessert.

Madagascar is located on the continent of Africa.
Mozambique is a country that borders Madagascar.
Lake alaotra, kinkony and ihotry are a couple large bodies of later in Madagascar.
The east coast seems to be the wettest part of the country and thus makes it the islands rainforest.
Madagascar has 2 main seasons ; one is a hot , Rainey season from the months of November to April. The other season is more cool and dry lasting from May to October.
The climate is mostly dominated by the southeastern trade winds that originate in the Indian Ocean.

The video gives a lot of the facts like the numbers/miles of the landforms.

The vidoe shows real clips from a lady that traveled there and go to know the land and people.

The geographic theme of place refers to the physical & human aspects of a location.

A lot of graphite is in Madagascar, graphite is found in pencils.
Coal is also a natural resource that comes from Madagascar.
Chromite is one of the huge natural resources.
Salt like you find in popcorn comes from Madagascar.
Quartz is a beautiful thing that comes naturally from Madagascar.
Many of the cultural groups in Madagascar are broken up into even smaller groups.
the Malagasy group is one of the biggest in Madagascar and is broken up into 20 different groups.

This vidoe shows the children of Madagascar and how they are effecting the area.

This vidoe gives different describions of the people in Madagascar.

The next largest cultural group is the betsimisaraka and they hold a lot of the population.
Not many religious groups are practiced but the ones that are , are very widespread.
Christians take up 40% as a religious group.
Muslims are second for the group population with 5%
they celebrate New Year's Day with fireworks and festivities just like we do here at home.
They celebrate Easter as well in Madagascar.
On March 29th Madagascar celebrates a day they call " martyrs day "

The government in Madagascar is a little different than how they do it here. Their government head is the prime minister and the president is head of state so they do a team effort. The legislative branch holds 217 people and only 20% of those people are woman. The electors will hold their job for 5 years.

Human environment interaction is the way people change the environment and how the environment changes them.

Rice is a huge crop that comes from Madagascar.

This video highlights all the animals in Madagascar.

Cassava is one thing that comes from Madagascar that you would never expect to be in your favorite foods.
Madagascar has plenty of sweet potato that they share around the world.
Fishing is one of the huge industries in Madagascar along with two other main major industries.
Agriculture is one of those main industries.
Because of the major industries like these it gives huge job opportunities.
Tin whales are endangered in the Madagascar area.
Ruffed lemurs are endangered because their habitats have been disappearing and they are being over-hunted.
Mongooses are also endangered because of habitat loss .

Deforestation, habitat loss and erosion have become a huge problem In Madagascar.The damage is already done with a lot of land they have already cleared but they are taking steps to fix the damage and now cause further damage.

Region is described by physical or human characteristics of a location.

education is for children between the ages of six and fourteen
The current education system provides primary schooling for five years, from ages six to eleven.
Secondary education lasts for seven years and is divided into two parts: a junior secondary level of four years from ages twelve to fifteen.

Madagascar has a population of 22.92 million people as of 2013 and has a population density of 40.52 meaning , there's about 41 people every square mile. There are 226,658 square miles in Madagascar, 462.97 is the GDP per capita.Male and female have a life expectancy of 64 years of life.Madagascar also has a literacy rate of 64.7.

Movement is how people,goods,and ideas move in and out of a place.

Vanilla is widely imported to Madagascar
Cloves are exported a lot from Madagascar because of how pretty they are.

This video shows what you can see in a special market.

This video shows what you would see in an everyday market.

Coffee is another thing widely imported to Madagascar.
Sugar is exported from Madagascar because of how much supply Madagascar has of sugar.
The Madagascar is very simply but means a lot to the people of Madagascar, it was adoptered on October 14th of 1958.

The Malagasy republic proclaimed on October 14th to become an autonomous state in the French community but it wasn't until June 16th 1960 that Madagascar because an independent country.

only about 320,000 people a year use internet in Madagascar .
Madagascar is known for being the "electronic media " of their area.
taxis-brousses are the cheap way to get around on the roads.
These boats are very common , they make these boats from the wood in Madagascar.
The people with more money might use a scooter to get around.
A new species of snakes were discovered in Madagascar.
The snakes of the Madagoscarophis genus, generally active at twilight and at night, are called “cat-eyed snakes” for their vertical pupils. The new 20-inch specimen was found during an expedition in 2014, and a DNA analysis confirms that it is a new species.
Stony Brooke university has been sending drones to deliver medical supplies.
The drones can travel to remote areas at a faster speed for the people who need it.

This video describes the project of the drones better.

This is the Avenue of the Baobabs , it has a beautiful sunset almost every night.
There is a lemur park where you can visit the endangered lemurs
You can also go to Isalo National Park for a beautiful view.

This video shows the highlights of Madagascar.

School is very different in Madagascar.They don't work after school jobs because most kids don't even go to school, their families can't afford it and they're dressing isn't anything special
Music in Madagascar isn't as different to ours as you would think. It's broken up into three styles and just like ours and kids of all ages can listen to their music usually. 
The kids usually play with each other for fun, they find a ball or something to kick around and that's what will entertain them for the day
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