Final Assighment by~ faith M :3

Hello my name is Faith Markle, I am 15 and I am in grade 9. I have been in some physical activities over the years, I did do some things during the summer I enjoyed it and I felt more happy about since I had a lot of fun doing them, I went camp in different parts of Canada that i never knew i would go to. I played some games and enjoyed my summer camp in Manitoba. I did have some bad experiences but they never got in the way of my fun.

My scores for fitness has increased since the last time that I'v been getting stronger, For The Planks I went from 14 secs to 1 min.Then the Wall sit I got 17 secs to 1 min.for the vertical jump I got 28,48 then i got 28,48 again. For Sit and reach I got 48 but I couldn't tell cause I had a minor Injury so i couldn't do that one, for Grip Strength I got Satisfactory to Improvement.
For Field Hockey II new I was good at it, I am not very good at keeping my trust with hockey or anything that involves a hockey stick but i did a good job out there, Its not easy with the new Sport experience but i got the hang of it once i was given a Chance with the ball/puck thingy.
For Track and field I Enjoyed doing, If I had a choice I'd do shark put since its easier for then running a lot. Since Shark only has one thing for me do it in it it makes it easy for me to handle then another except Long jump since i just have to run and jump in a sand pit.
I can see why it is popular in Canada since its fun and it makes you do a lot of activity, If I had a chance to teach another student id teach them the steps in football very easily and how to do it by an examples and letting get to do it.
In Volleyball Its entertaining and you don't do it by yourself so its basically fun to do it with a team, its more fun when you do it with a group instead of by yourself. If I had a team that or was struggling id help become stronger by encourage them to try to do their best and tell them not to put pressure on their mind.
I'd rather play doubles since its easier to cover ground in badminton, Singles is more like to play for fun rather in a actual game with winnings. its more fun in doubles since it can from 2-3 so its easier if there's more than in singles play.

Health; Decision Making is important so we don't mess up our health or so we don't mess up with our relationships it or so we can easily become a healthy person or so we don't end up going to jail from a bad choice we made in our lives.

Adice: well advice for the group of grade nines hmm, well my advice is be yourself around your friends, Don't get upset about anything or get stressed out. Your find out that in high school it's easier for figuring out who is your real friends and who isn't.

Have fun in gym in grade 9
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