Saturn Saturn was DISCOVERED in 1610 By galilEo galilei was the first to gazE at saturn

There are 53 moons on Saturn and nine provisional moons titan is the biggest moon out of 53
There are 7 rings going around the planet Saturn they are made out of rocky and icy particles
In 1977the United States launched two space probs the Voyager 1 and the Voyager 2 to study the planet Saturn but on November 12 1980 the Voyager 2 flew out and figured out that saturns rings were made out of ringlets
Saturn is 1.4 billion km from the sun
The planet Saturn is a gas planet but the core is very rocky and icy
"It has 95 times earth mass 100 pounds (45-kilograms)"
No human is allowed to travel because the winds goes up to 360 feet (110 meters) per second and the pressure is the same kind when you dive deep under water
The average temperature is -218 °F
Bibliography. I used cc search to find all my pictures and i used and those are the websites i used to find my information.


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