Mars Mission Plan project By: Brenden Tyler, Katrielle Trippe


Launch at Kennedy Space center NASA in the summer of 2022 Go to Mars and and find out if living on Mars is safe for humans. It will take around 162 days to reach Mars. Because our rocket can't hold all of the supplies we need, we sent a rocket with supplies about one month before our launch so that the supplies would already be there when we get there. The supplies we sent ahead of time are: things to make, habitats, storage facilities, shop workshops, Resource extraction equipment, Energy production and storage, Food production space, Food production space, Fuels, 3D printer.

There is a group of 4 people who are secretly going on a mission to Mars. There names are Katie, Gregory, Donald Duck, and Brenden. My name is Katie I am one of the people on a secret mission. The other people are my closest friends.

Katie - Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, I'm the pilot of the mission.

Gregory - naval officer and aviator, is our back-up pilot.

Donald Duck - has a doctorate in engineering and is a physician. He will serve as our mission doctor.

Brenden - masters degree in mathematics. He is responsible for experiments on our mission.

Training - We have all had 3 years of or 1,000 pilot-in-command time in jet aircraft. Some of the skills we have are control our minds, work well under pressure, accept differences in crew members.

The space ship that is needed is made out of medal and can bend really easily. It also has machines that pin you down and spins you and puts pressure on you. They also have space suits that put pressure on you. I will prevent the crew members from getting hurt by bringing a bunch of first aid kits with me.

The people at the space station can help and keep the astronauts safe from the dangers of living on mars by putting the astronauts in some type of room with a certain room temperature as it is on mars. We will need food, water, space suits. We can do experiments to see if there is water on Mars.


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