The Five People You Meet in Heaven By: Madi Broeren

The Day I Was Born: I was born on a beautiful Saturday afternoon on March 11, 2000. I have two older sisters so when i came around, my parents were professionals. I was born in McGee Woman's Hospital. I was told I was the easiest out of my sisters. I had the easiest birth and was cleared to go home after just 3 days.

"The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts"

Most Memorable Birthday: The day I turned 16, a lovely Friday, had to have been my most memorable birthday. After school, my friends came home with me and we got dressed up in dresses and heels. After a perfect dinner at Ichiban, we headed back to my house. We blasted music and laughed without a care in the world.

"Birthday's are just new beginnings"

My Heaven: I hope heaven is placid and relieving. I like to think that I will be able to watch over my loved ones I left behind. I believe you are meant to guide your family and friends in the right direction and make sure they are on the right path. I also hope I will get to see late relatives and friends. I want to get to talk to them again. Besides that, maybe it's just a peaceful resting place. Afterall, “all endings are also beginnings. We just don't know it at the time,” (Albom 1).

My First Person: It was 6 months ago when the calamity occurred. I try to see my best friend once a year and that includes seeing the rest of her family. They have done nothing but love and accept me through everything. A few months ago Emma's grandpa died from a long battle with cancer. He was very venerable by everyone and treated everyone with respect. He treated me as one of his own grandchildren. He always had a smile on his face and was the life of the party.

"In the end, we regret the chances we didnt take"

Lesson One: Jay taught me that every day is another reason to be grateful. Live life to the fullest, have the greatest laughs and share your happiness with everyone around you because it could all be taken away so fast.

My Second Person: I worked at Passavant Hospital for a few months over the summer. It was the most difficult, most rewarding job ive ever had. I met some amazing patients and nurses while during my time there. One included this elder man in room 6702. Every single day I brought him his lunch and he would strike up a conversation. He had the biggest heart and strongest determination ive ever seen. He was there for as long as I worked there. Jim made my day every day I saw him. No one could even see how much pain he was in. His smile and humor consumed him. His humor impeded his degrading heath. I was lucky to have gotten to come across him in my life. "No story sits by itself. Sometimes stories meet at corners and sometimes they cover one another. Completely, like stones beneath a river,” (Albom 10).

"Hospitals are about healing"

Lesson Two: Jim taught me to make every little thing count and to never be disappointed because you have one good thing about every day. If you're having a bad day, make someone else's day.

My Third Person: I lived in Arizona for close to 12 years. I made plenty of friends but when I moved to Pittsburgh, I lost touch with a lot of them. I remember it like it was yesterday. I got up to go to my early shift at Soergel's Orchards and I saw the text. My friend Tony died the night before, he was 15 years old. I was completely heart broken. He was one of the sweetest guys ive ever met. He put everyone else's needs before his own. His laugh was so contagious. It was as though he had never experienced a day of melancholy in his entire life. I had lost touch with him along with almost all of my friends. Thats one of the things I regret most in my life.

"Love all, Trust a few, Do wrong to none"

Lesson Three: Tony touched everyone he met. He was a nonconformist. He didnt follow anyone, he made his own path. He didnt have a care in the world and never let anything bring him down. He taught me dont care about what people say. Some people are just gonna have an aversion against you but those who matter dont mind, those who mind dont matter. “Holding anger is a poison. It eats you from inside. We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. But hatred is a curved blade. And the harm we do, we do to ourselves,” (Albom 141).

My Fourth Person: I took a Conceptual Physics class in 8th grade, when I was still living in Arizona and my teachers name was Mrs. Foote. She was a tough teacher but always showed great propriety. One day she told us a story about one of her students years ago who attempted suicide but confided in her before it was too late. Mrs. Foote passed out a red button one day that read "I Am Loved" and told all of us that even if we feel alone, you always have at least one person who loves you. And this button will remind us every time we think otherwise.


Lesson Four: She taught me the importance about taking time to tell the people you love that you love them. Because it could save someone's life one day.

My Fifth Person: Last but certainly not least is my cousin, Justin. I was never close with Justin because he was so troubled and I was so young. My parents tried to protect me from the things he was doing. But they couldn't protect me when we found out Justin had overdosed on heroine just days before his 23rd birthday. His funeral was one of the hardest things ive ever been through. He tried so hard to get better and just when we thought he was turning his life around, the unimaginable happened.

"Healing takes courage and time"

Lesson Five: Although he wasnt around much in my life, he taught me one very important lesson: never take your life and family for granted and make sure to take a respite to take care of yourself. People must have temperance when it comes to destructive things. If you dont care for yourself, you cant care for anyone else.

Created By
Madi Broeren


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