California Ground Squirrel by: Andrea Terrazas & Aisha Vargas

The scientific name for the California ground squirrel is otospermophilus beecheyi.
The California ground squirrel is an omnivore. It gets its energy from plants, seeds, oats, crickets, and fruit. The squirrel is eaten by red-tailed hawks, golden eagles, coyotes, foxes, snakes, and other animals.
Some other facts about the California ground squirrel are that they can live up to 6 years in the wild. They also can, give a high pitched alarm call to warn others of predators. The squirrel's tail is about 30 cm. long (minus the tail), the tail alone is 15 cm. long.


Created with images by Just chaos - "California Ground Squirrel" • Ingrid Taylar - "A Break for Mama Squirrel"

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