Natural History Museum victor musleh - IUF1000

These pictures detail my experiences at the Museum of Natural History on the campus of the University of Florida on January 23, 2017. This museum was a great experience that allowed me to immerse myself in the unique ecosystem of Florida and how nature impacts us and how we as humans impact it.

Nature on Display
The butterfly exhibit at the Museum of Natural History was my favorite exhibit that I was able to tour. Unlike the other exhibits, this one really allows one to experience nature firsthand. I was able to see live butterflies fly all around me and see them doing their daily activities. The enclosed gave me a glimpse into how the natural world really works. This single butterfly that I took a photograph with showed me how this small, little creatures are a part of the massive global ecosystem.
Nature and Ethics
This museum did let me experience nature in the way Leopold recommends. Not only did I appreciate the beauty of nature in the exhibits, I saw that nature is an essential part to our survival. In the exhibit in which I am pictured with above, there is a sign that talks about spring water. Natural areas like the one depicted in this exhibit are the source of many of the resources humans rely on everyday. We must fight to protect our natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint so we do not lose vital resources and beautiful natural areas.
Nature and the Human Spirit
This exhibit allowed me to see in depth and in detail the creatures and plants that live in Florida's waters. All of the animals were blown up in size which made me feel as if I was a fish in the see. The under water exhibit made me appreciate the mystery of the ocean and how it is an area so unique and fascinating. It allowed me to experience a habitat that many never really get to see up close and personal. The ocean is almost a completely different world in itself with a whole different set of food chains and organisms. This exhibit really made me feel connected to the ocean and how perplexing it is.

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