Angles By:Gavin&Jaxon

This is a right angle you can tell because it is 90 degrees at its vertex if it didn't meet at 90 degrees it wouldn't be a right angle.
Do you see the lines because the lines that make a cone shape is an acute angle and the other angle that is more than 90 degrees in an obtuse angle.
did you notice the sails are making a acute triangle a acute triangle is a triangle with all acute sides.
this picture is made up of obtuse triangles, obtuse triangles are triangles with one obtuse angle.

All of these are angles but there are at least 1 thing that is different like an obtuse angle is an angle that has to be more than 90 degrees if it isn't more than 90 degrees in is a acute angle an acute angle has to be less than 90 degrees, but if it is exactly 90 degrees in is called a right angle and those are angles. by Gavin&Jaxon


Thank you Mrs. Hutchinson for letting us do this awesome P.B.L it was really fun


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