Proposal By Brittany Hughes


It takes grit to train for, and eventually run, a marathon. Hill repeats, speed workouts, midweek middle-distance runs, weekend long runs, recovery runs...all are a vital part to getting your body ready to run the coveted 26.2 mile distance. For my project, I want to follow my teammate and myself on the UNC Marathon Club Team as we train for our first marathon in November. My main goal in this is to capture the grit it takes to simply keep going when it hurts, in every form of media that we will be exploring in this class.

I want to show the early mornings, the KT Tape, the foam rolling, the effort, the exhaustion, the tears, and the (hopeful) triumph. I aim to do this by carrying a GoPro at practices, and particularly on long runs, where things get hard and we really feel the pain. I want to emphasize how hard it is to both train for and run a marathon, but how much of a sense of victory it gives you to put so much effort into something, and to see that effort pay off. I have a few specific shots and bits of dialogue in mind, like of the sunrise in the morning, which will hopefully convey how early we have to get up to do long runs, and of my watch face, which has a slogan on it that applies to running.

I’ve seen several running documentaries similar to the one I’m envisioning, made by both professionals and amateurs (Billy Yang, Ethan Newberry, Kelly Roberts, etc.), and I want to use these documentaries as inspiration for my own project, but I want my project to have a uniqueness to it: it’ll capture my own journey, as well as my teammate’s (who will be providing all of the interview content—I’m just planning on being a voice in the background of the B-roll footage of a few of our workouts). All of the main A-roll shots will feature my teammate—I don’t aim for my face to be shown very much in this, except maybe at the end after the race, or in still shots.

I think by paying attention to detail and getting as much footage, in-depth dialogue, and experience (by putting myself through the same training and race as my teammate), I’ll be able to have a well-rounded project that develops throughout the semester and showcases my goal of capturing a very tough, personal journey, and ultimately, grit.

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