Program Status: Website filtering capabilities - Dec. 2, 2016



  • BigSky Vendor training to initiate content production-11/21
  • UAT on Stage by BU, Content Production, Design and UX Teams: Round 1- 11/29
  • Resolved bugs discovered during UAT related to MVP (RC to Stage 11/2)
  • Reviewed Analytics Requirements and initiated Tracking setup with MIO Team-11/30
  • Filter Menu has been updated to reflect latest design changes for MVP-11/29
  • Resolved Accessibility bugs for MVP (RC to Stage 11/2)


  • Content Authoring in-progress on Stage- 11/21 to 12/09
  • UAT sign off by BU, UX and Design ETA 12/05
  • Document any UAT bugs or issues 12/05
  • Continue to resolve any authoring issues or bugs for MVP
  • Tracking Post MVP requirements (Ongoing)
  • Prioritization for backlog -Post MVP requirements by 12/7


  • Timeline is really tight to migrate and create new story-cards (<300 fragments ). BU will be using a vendor for the production work but we may have to pull in more resources from the Web Production team to meet the Sales Conference timeline.(Update: Per Dermot, we do have a back up, if needed)
  • The authoring team (BigSky) alerted us they only expect to have approx 50%, (or ~100 of the ~200) customer story cards completed by the Dec, 12th Sales Conference. In response to this, extra help is being pulled in from Web Production to complete the rest of the content migration

Sneak Peek into Customer Showcase Page on Stage




  • Content Production started in STAGE on 11/21 (en only)
  • There are currently over 300 fragments that needs to be authored
  • Will be moving all the existing Pdf's to the new location
  • SEO recommendations have been incorporated to the Production Team
  • Content QA has been scheduled: will be an acceptance smoke test. Please refer here for Smoketest :
  • COMPLETE: Core team (UX, Design, Authoring, PgMs) will review some of the initial cards from the Vendor before providing a final sign off
  • COMPLETE: Training Session for the Vendor has been scheduled by Wayne on 11/21
  • BUG RESOLVED: Awaiting CT's resolution on the imagery positioning issue. Caryn and Wayne to do some more testing today (RESOLVED)


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