Richard Ramirez edith aviles , MArilyn h.

Richard Ramirez childhood was such an important time in his life, because his father was very abusive. When he was a child his older cousin Miguel Ramirez would show him pictures of the women he sexually abused and beaten. Miguel Ramirez would smoke marijuana with his cousin. Miguel Ramirez shot his wife with .22 caliber handgun in the face in front of Richard Ramirez. Miguel was not found guilty. Richard started his fantasies in his first job at the holiday inn he tried to rape a women but her husband found him and richard was fired. Richard started driving up north and was in San Francisco and he started robbing and got more into crimes he then committed a murder.

Many people think that richard's first victim was 79 year old but really was a 9 year old. She was raped, stabbed and also hung like jesus christ .
Richard had committed 13 counts of murder, 5 counts of attempted of murder, 11 counts of sexual assualt, 14 counts of burglary.
he was called the 'night stalker' because at night he would go break into people houses.

richard ramirez aimed older people

the evidence that was used against richard was his finger prints on the weapons or in the victims houses.

during his trial one of the jurors was killed and they think richard had something to do with

Richard also got married to doreen Lioy, one of his many fans.

Richard didn't make it to his death penalty he died before from B-cell lymphobia and other dieseases he got from raping women

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