Looking Back Dubois County 4-H Fair

To mark the end of the 2020 Dubois County 4-H Fair, which was held virtually this week due to the coronavirus pandemic, we dive into The Herald’s photo archive to relive fairs past.

Photos by Herald Staff

1984: Ernie Mehling and his son, Shaun, 3, of St. Anthony, watched 4-H’ers get ready for the dairy show.
2015: Tanner Beckman, 13, of Dubois, made a goofy face at Sara Gress’ goat, Isabelle.
Left, 1973: Bob Schaber successfully wrestled a calf to the ground and brought it to the pen, all in 10 minutes during the calf scramble. | Center, 1986: Bart Wible of Jasper looked up at a hot air balloon. | Right, 2005: Kaylee Murray, 11, of Jasper, rested against her horse, Hot Rod, as the two waited to enter the arena for the horse show.
1995: Miss Dubois County 1995, Jill Klem, right, was congratulated by fellow contestant, Jill Fromme.
2016: Brysen Hopf, 6, of St. Anthony, left, sprayed shaving cream on his brother, Colten, 9, and Colten sprayed Gabe Steckler, 9, of St. Henry, right, during the annual shaving cream fight.
1979: Pam Auggart sat on her cow in the livestock barn.
1977: Pete Wehr of Jasper let one fly while he and Radius Voelkel, left, warmed up for the horseshoe tossing competition with their opponents, Ron Schitter and Harold Buechler.
1999: Carissa Young, 5, of Huntingburg, found a bench and an electric fan in the horse barn to keep cool.
1990: Vicki Kluemper and her brother, Daryl, right, wrestled a hog back into a pen after it tried to jump out.
2003: Adam Wagner, 12, of St. Henry, woke up around 6:30 a.m. in the cattle barn.
Left, 2010: Katie Stenftenagel, 7, of Jasper, held Kayla Hoffman’s pygmy goat. | Right, 2000: Mitch Lange, 12, of St. Henry, watched as cousin Bradley Wendholt, 18, of Holland, bathed Mitch’s pigeon in a solution to make the bird’s feathers soft.
2018: Luke Summerlot of Jasper yelled as he tugged in unison with his teammates during the tug-of-war competition.
1980: The cow being shown by Chris Buening took a rest during dairy judging.
2013: Ben Kluesner, 10, of St. Anthony, chased after the pig while waiting for the support of his teammates from the Pork Commanders — Curt Hopf, 10, of Birdseye, top left, Daniel Eckert, 10, of St. Anthony, and Caden Betz, 10, of St. Anthony — during the hog wrestling contest.