Trail of Tears By; Dante DeAngelis

This trail stretching from Mississippi to Oklahoma was a dry and deadly one.
Settlers wanted Native American land and did everything they could to get it.
Many Native Americans died while walking on the trail. By 1830 all the Native American groups were removed.
Andrew Jackson enforced The Indian Removal Act of 1830, which caused the removal of all the groups.
The leaders of the Native groups would punish their members
The trail of tears ended in a lot of deaths for Native Americans


Created with images by PhillipC - "Rain in the desert, Arizona near the Black Mesa" • Hans - "away path trace" • Sghirardo - "fire comfort family" • pruzi - "wood carving man" • delgaudm - "Andrew Jackson" • Americanet - "virginia arlington national cemetery cemetery" • Foundry - "railway tracks trail"

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