Mary Kay Ash Founder of Mary Kay beauty products line

Early life-

Mary Kay Ash, born May 17, 1918 In Hot Wells Texas. She was the youngest of four siblings. Being in this position set her up to be the caretaker for her sick father. She was in charge of caring for him, washing dishes, cleaning, and preparing meals. She did well in grade school but could not pressure a better education due to her family having little money. She was married three times and ad three children. She stayed with Mel Ash until his death.

Where she learned the skills-

Mary Kay Ash worked for Stanley Home products where she hosted parties to help encourage sales. Not only this she also hired to World gifts in 1952 she trained new employees there and decided she had enough after one of her clients were hired for a better paying job then herself. She was simply tired of seeing another man above her.

She set out on her own with a goal-

At age 45 Mary Kay Ash left the traditional workplace she was so used to. She instead used incentive programs and other strategies to help give her employees a more beneficial career and amazing skin care products that were simply one of a kind. After she bought formulas from a family tanner she set out on her new business full of risks worth taking. with and original investment of 5,000 dollars Mary Kay Ashe's entrepreneurial attitude led to her great success. She opened a small store in in Dallas and expanded from that to hiring employees that would not have sales territories.

What made her benefits different for employees anyways?

Because these consultants (as Mary Kay Ash liked to refer to her employees) bought her products at whole sale pice they were able to sell at a retail price which allowed them an income. They were also given the opportunity to earn a commission for every consultant recruit they got on board with the Mary Kay Skin care sales. Because of er loving and fun filed personality every consultant was given the opportunity to compete agains each other for the op sales of each year. The winner of this title was given a pink Cadillac that Mary Jay Ash herself loved so much.

Top seller prize

Commercial success, programs founded by Mary Kay Ash, as well as prizes won by her and her business-

Not only is her business selling 2.2 million dollars in products, there are more than 3.5 million consultants in more than 35 countries. Her business is world and is recognized for it. even after she stepped down from being CEO of the company she continued on to found the Mary Kay Charitable Foundation in 1996 to support cancer research and included efforts to end domestic violence. In 2000 she was named the most outstanding woman in business of the 20th century. She was known as the pioneer woman for business. She won the Horatio Alger award, junior achievement U.S Hall Of fame. Her Mary Kay Ash charitable foundation was named chairman emeritus, she was recognized by Fortune magazine, it had an inclusion in "The 100 best companies to work in America". It was one of the best 10 companies for women to work. It also won the Equal Justice award from legal services of North Texas.

Other successes-

Mary Kay Ash also went on to write several books that which were all best sellers. When he life came to an end she had all she would be remembered for, a legacy that she would leave behind. "Treat others the way you want to be treated." and "People are a companies greatest assets." Were two of her favorite lines that she lives her life and ran her company by. Along with here personal motto 'God first, family second, career third." she died in her home town on the day November 22 of 2001. Mary Kay Ash will not only be remembered as a successful entrepreneur, she will be best remembered for building a profitable business from scratch and giving new opportunities to women to achieve financial success.

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