Dogs by kyler tolbert

This is a German Shepard. You can tell a German Shepard by... its colors- black, tan, silver, red, grey and sable. Its fierce look, they are big, tough looking dogs sometimes used by police officers in cases. Temperament- obedient, loyal, intelligent, courageous, watchful, curious, and alert.
This is a beagle. You can tell a beagle by its... colors- Lemon, Tri-color, Brown & White, Red & White, White & Tan, Chocolate Tri, Orange & White. Beagles are gentle dogs, perfect for small children. temperament- Even Tempered, Intelligent, Excitable, Determined, Amiable, Gentle
This is a pug. You can tell a pug by its... colors- Fawn, Black, Apricot, Silver Fawn. Pugs are smaller dogs with a wrinkled face and have short curled tails. Temperament-Playful, Stubborn, Docile, Charming, Quiet, Sociable, Attentive, Clever
This is a chihuahua. you can tell a chihuahua by its... colors- chihuahuas come in a variety of colors. They vary in size, shape and color, but most chihuahuas are small. temperament- Devoted, Lively, Courageous, Alert, Quick
This is an American Bulldog. You can tell an American bulldog by its... colors- White, Brindle, Fawn, Red, Brown. American Bulldogs are medium sized dogs with a long tail and an oval shaped body. Temperament- Loyal, Assertive, Gentle, Friendly, Energetic, Confident, Dominant.


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