Summer Wonderland everyone's childhood is made up of a million fairy tales

Parenting today has become a difficult, complex and exhausting work. Also, Kids’ playing ground has changed from countryside to city, children get happiness which is brought by the electronic products rather than the charm of nature and beautiful fairy tales.

Aim to bring mildness and pleasure to both babies and parents through textiles, summer wonderland explored a range of lovely print designs and a storybook for kids and nursery room, giving both kids and parents a delightful space to rest and play.

summer bloom

Sometimes ever, sometimes never. The fairyland began to emerge when the first time I played with the little animals in my grandma’s garden. With these memories, mixing colour in summer palette, a lovely story has been created…

create character
Digital drawing - Ipad - procreate app
working in AI

Drawing digitally and working with Adobe software create a modern practice.

Repeat design

kids' space

Designed and made for spreading love and pleasure, summer wonderland can be mixed and matched in different types of kids’ room. It embraces the cute aesthetic and celebrates the charm of illustration, giving both kids and parents a special experience.