Vitals Making YOU in charge !

Waiting time in the A and E department saw 74% of the patients spending more than 3 hours before being admitted to hospital. Overstaffing in A&E departments is a major issue, but the NHS paperless scheme has already helped cut some of this down. To help aid this cause, Vitals was created.

Vitals advertisement poster

Vitals is a FitBit style bracelet that monitors all of your vital signs, such as heart rate, pulse and temperature. It also remotely sends these details to your doctor using wifi, making the data transfer smoother and faster than a preliminary check in with the nurse. Vitals also comes with downloadable app, so you can monitor your own vitals too, and track your progress in the queue, letting you know your own wait time.

Adult Versions of the Vital Medi bracelet

The Medi bracelet will come in two different version, Adult and children's. The adults will be of a slimmer design, using gender neutral colours, as shown above, to allow maximum usage for everyone, and cutting down production cost's to as little as possible.

Children's versions of the Medi bracelet

With the child's version of the bracelet comes a new, fun interactive element. The bands will have scene's on, such as park theme or space theme displayed above. Vitals has also introduced a child-friendly character that can be used around other sections of the hospital, making doctors appear more relatable and less imposing on younger children. The screen's will also be able to display fun informative graphics, such as a beating heart in time with the child's own heart rate and other small interactions that make this a fun, wearable and effective piece of equipment.

Dr Vitality !

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