(S) The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee was a very important civil rights movement and was referred to as the "shook troops". This organization was different from other movements because of its leadership and styles (Mychael).
(S&Primary source)The SNCC attested that non-violence was the foundation for their purpose. Nonviolence will cause courage to replace fear, love will replace hate, and peace dominates war. Nonviolence will be reason for reconciliation and justice will be a possibility. Every local group will show love and good will in every act they do (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee).
(Q)"On January 31, 1961, 10 African Americans were arrested for sitting at a segregated lunch counter in Rock Hill, South Carolina"(Mychael). After they were arrested the SNCC began a campaign known as the "jail ins". The point was to get arrested and put pressure on the officers. Jail ins became the most important tactic used (Mychael).
(S&Q)The SNCC had a Freedom Singer group which helped spread the word of movement beyond the south. They had recordings such as traditional black, spiritual, and folk songs. According to Julian Bond, the organizations public face, it reaches out across racial and regional divides to show "an audience of our peers on white college campuses around the country who we are,'" and that's how they get their support. This also gets money for the SNCC (Paterson).
(P) The Leaders of the SNCC were James Forman, Bob Moses, and Marion Barry. The coordinated a lot of the black voter registration drives in the south and the Ku Klux Klan killed three of the members during the Mississippi Freedom Summer (SNCC).
(S) When people became more aware of the SNCC because of their participation in politics, there was more violence targeted towards the group. The SNCC then moved on from their main belief of nonviolence to making 'black power' a priority (Student Nonviolence Coordinating Committee (SNCC)).
(S) The SNCC did not have high moral standards because of violence; white financial aids for the group stopped and the organization was demolished (Paterson).
(S) Even though there was a great result of the Civil Rights Movement there is no guarantee that there will never be racism or racial discrimination but it did go well with the rejuvenated sense of black pride and empowerment (Paterson).

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