Five Hidden Features of The New iOS 14 BY: Jackson bogan

The release of the latest iPhone operating system, iOS 14, has brought many new hyped publicized features, but the more hidden features have gone unnoticed. Here's just five hidden iOS 14 features worth seeking out.

Feature #1: Enhance Your Voice

'Enhance your voice' is a feature that you can use in the voice memos app while editing a recording. The feature attempts to remove background noise, and enhance the voice of the person speaking. It can be turned on by simply hitting the wand button in the top left of the editing window.

Feature #2: Back Tap

'Back tap' is a new setting in the iPhone that allows the user to set certain functions, such as taking screenshots, to instead be activated using a simple double or triple tap to the back of the phone. The feature is located in accessibility under the touch section of the settings.

Feature #3: Health Checklist

The latest feature in the Health App is the 'health checklist,' a tool used to track important personal health related information in one place like: Medical ID, emergency contacts, emergency SOS, and fall detection features. The checklist is located in the homepage of the Health App.

Feature #4: Message App Filtering

The new addition to the Messenger App is the ability to organize messages using a filter. The filter will sort out unknown and spam senders into separate categories that you can check at any time. The option can be turned on in the Messenger section of the Settings App.

Feature #5: Sleep Mode

Another updated feature of the Health App is 'Sleep mode'. Replacing the previous 'Bedtime mode', this feature, allows you to set how long you want to sleep for, and will even turn your phone onto 'Do not Disturb' in designated hours. This feature is accessed through the Health App control center, and can be tweaked to accommodate any sleep schedule.