Budget Housing, Transportation, Clothing, Food, Entertainment, Recreation,Vacations, Child Care, Health Care, Savings, Miscellaneous

2335 Jefferson Rd, Bartlesville 4 beds 3 full , 1 half baths 3,095 sq ft Monthly payment is $1,500
2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 SUV $44,642 25 MPG Hwy/18 MPG City
  • $1,200 On my Clothing - From all places
  • $1,000 On my Husbands Clothing - From any Place
  • $1,200 On each of my children- From all places

My family is going to eat at home most of the time, with the occasional eating out.

Entertainment and Recreation

We would probably eat out at least four to five times a month. We would probably do a lot of activities as a family like going to the movies and etc. I am a very crafty person so I would probably spend a good deal of money on things like that.

Going to all the countries in Europe is going to be a must for me. I would like to take a vacation at least once every year.
Child Care

I would love for one of my relatives to be the person who watches my children throughout the day, but if this is not an option they would have to go to daycare. For my youngest kid it would be about $175 per week and my other two children would be around $350 per week for each child.

Health Care

Everyone in my family will have health care.


Every month I will put money back for emergencies, retirement, children's college, income cushion, and a general savings for anything else I need.


This is going to be a high amount for everything I will need to purchase... Like my phone, internet and cable bill and my family is going to have pets. I will also spend money on organizations .

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