FUNdamentals Marshland Newsletter January-February 2017

Happy New Year FUNdamentals Family!

Welcome to a New Year and more exciting changes happening within the centre and program.I hope all Families enjoyed a relaxing break and got some valuable fun family times together. The children all arrived back refreshed and ready to start a new, fun year!

With the new year brought in some new resources, the children have loved the new lego that arrived in centre. Di and Darren have also been busy with the new look sandpit and the new grouptime/extension room,...Amazing spaces for exploration and learning!

Haere Mai and Haere Ra!

We say "Happy School Days " to Luka, Leah and Ben, who are going to be missed by all but are Queenspark and Marshlands schools gain as they progress into another chapter of their learning journey.

We Welcome Rene, Mason, Dylana, Brooklyn and Asher and their families to the Preschool, and those who have already started have already "found their Space" here and have made some great friendships already!

New families, please keep an eye out for an email that will be sent to you regarding your child's online profile from Educa, once you accept the invitation, you can then invite other family members....this way we can keep you up to date with your child's learning as it happens...

We wish Mila "Ra Whanau ki a Koe" Happy birthday, as she turns four and James as he turns four too this month.

Our Programme for Jan/ Feb

The children showed an interest in finding more out about themselves and their bodies, and where they belong. This was a great topic to start the learning year with and we have drawn around ourselves, printed our handprints, measured our feet and looked in the mirror to see what colour our eyes and hair is.

We have also talked about our favourite things and what we like and dislike, this has sparked some amazing conversations. Ryder told us about his hospital stay over Christmas and we wanted to find out more about our bodies and what happens when we get sick, we also saw some hospital play emerging...

We created our FUNdamentals family tree too and asked all families to contribute a family tree diagram of who is in their Whanau for us, to add to the tree. we shall be continuing to deepen the children's learning through teaching them their "Mihi`s".

The Highlight of January was the visit to the Shetland ponies, Grace was very excited about seeing the "Christmas" ponies again, and everyone put on their helmets and had a ride around the paddock on Ella and Missy....after they had been groomed and each child had given them a carrot treat!

Our Gym programme

We have been mastering "ball skills" and all this entails in the gym. As the weather has been so good we have been playing many ball games outside, where the children are developing hand eye and foot eye co-ordinations and the ability to control a ball whilst rolling, bouncing, throwing and catching. this has extended social skills as the children have been part of team games and with partners.

What next?

We have noticed a real interest in the bikes lately as many of our children have gained the skills to master the two wheeler bikes. As we have an excellent Bike track which provides a safe area for the children to learn and gain confidence on, we encourage the children to bring their own bikes in for some practice as there is never enough preschool bikes to go round!

The children have amazed both teachers and parents as they have become really adept at riding the two wheelers, now even attempting ramps, tunnels and jumps! Lots of risk taking but we have rules in place for safety and helmets are an essential if you are bringing in your child's bike or scooter... Lots of sharing and turn taking is also involved so social skills have been tested and extended upon.

We decided that this new interest would be an excellent platform for us to look further into transport for our new focus in Feb and into March.Watch this space for a "wheels day", visitors into the centre with different transport and maybe an outing to a transport museum coming up...

News Days

Just another wee reminder that MONDAY and THURSDAY are news days and this is when we allow children to bring in toys or something special to share with our friends. If you can please refrain from bringing in toys on the other days, or bringing in expensive or valuable items as they do tend to get lost or damaged. Currently we seem to have toys in centre every day which makes it hard for staff to police this....We love when the children bring in something they have found, made or a photo of a special event for the children to talk about.

Keeping our Children safe...

We have noticed some children opening the automated door, and being able to open the gates by themselves.We had an incident when an older sibling of a child allowed some children to go out recently, and this is not o.k.... in order for all the children to stay safe, please grown ups only when operating the door and gates.

Summers here!

We have had some really warm days lately and we always get out the hose for the children to cool off with! If you can please put a set of togs/ rash top in the children bags for such occasions that would be great. please ensure there changes of clothes in the children's bags. To ensure all children stay safe in the sun, can you please provide a named hat and a drink bottle to keep them refreshed.... we will provide the sunscreen for your children unless you want to provide your own special sunscreen.....

Contacting us....

If you ever need to contact us for anything, big or small......Our email address has changed from to you wish to contact Di then you can use or Claire on The centre number is 03 3855252, or our centre cell is 0212019034.

Our Open day

You are all invited to our open day this Saturday 11th from 10-2 here at FUNdamentals marshland. we have a fun packed day, and if you have any friends that need child care or are thinking about childcare in the future, please bring them along. we would love to see some new faces...


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