Ranking Qin Contributions Using P.e.r.s.i.a as a lens

Qin's most lasting contributions are clearly in the INTELLECTUAL realm.

Yes, we know that China as a whole country has lot's of history that needs to be shared, and still needs to know more of, but its the intellectual structure that keeps us into the ancients and historical structures that China shares around the world with each and everyone of us.

You can see China's influence being written all over the intellectual system of the United States. Take, for example, the Latin word of Intellectual: " deep thinking, deep discussion, literature, and philosophy" (http://listaka.com/top-12-things-china-is-famous-for/).


Created with images by AndrewEick - "8000 Terra cotta soldiers" • AndrewEick - "statue I" • Bernt Rostad - "The Terracotta Army in Xi'an"

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