Cyber security By brenden schwaderer

Securing cyberspace is all about being to keep people's information safe along with many other things like government security not being hacked, etc.
Improving our cyber security is about what is wrong with our current cyber security and how and why we need to improve our cyber security to keep people's privacy available to them.
Some major problems that make this a challenge are there are really only two different types of security for cyber space and those are perimeter security and firewalls. So perimeter security is that you have to be within a certain distance to be able to get into the servers, and firewalls are a basic security in perimeter walls that stop unknown cyber traffic.
A solution to this problem would be able to benefit all people who use cyberspace. It would make people safe to almost anything. If we wanted to we could even make it monitor able so let's say someone is doing very bad things on the internet the "internet police" could be able to report his location to police and be served what he deserves.
At this moment there is a security team that has developed a type of cyber security and are challenging people to try to hack the system. This has been going on for about a year now and no one has succeeded.
If we don't focus on it know we could be in trouble. I mean we didn't secure Facebook and now there is a huge hack on Facebook where people receive messages from someone that did not message them.

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