Drawing for Dummies How to draw

Drawing can be very difficult and tedious if you don't know what you're doing. However, this page was created to teach people how simple drawing can really be.

This exercise is for learning how to properly measure distances with a pencil and recreate the given image on a separate piece of paper within a given area. This teaches how to shrink or grow images to the proper dimensions and how to keep the proportions exact. Once nailing that exercise, one can move on to more intricate designs to continue working on measuring and proportions.

This particular exercise is very difficult because of all the sporadic dots, lines, etc. However, it trains the artist to be able to more precisely measure every little detail in a picture before moving on to something more difficult.

For example, this ship. This ship was recreated from a previously selected photo. The ropes on the ship made for a difficult project but one has to be precise and careful when drawing to make sure the ropes and sails don't muddle together. This drawing was first done on tracing paper and once it was completely finished, the artist used a pencil to put graphite on the back of the paper like so:

After covering the back with graphite, one transfers the image drawn to regular paper by lightly tracing over the image which transfer some of the graphite on the back of the tracing paper to the regular paper. It's pretty phenomenal.

As an artist, one needs to be able to draw in multiple kinds of formats. For example, this model for fashion design. These models are measured by the size of their heads and are usually 9-10 of those heads tall. They are long and willowy looking as fashion models usually are.

Once the artist grasps the concept of drawing using proportions and recreating images to their exact dimensions, it becomes easier for the artist to draw anything they choose. And the artist must remember after finishing drawing, they must shade the drawing usually using a smooth toning technique. Smooth toning is using different kinds of artist pencils to draw little tiny circles to shade the picture so it seems more of a photograph than a drawing.

After learning these techniques and tricks, the world is at one's finger tips. No longer can they say they can't draw or they only draw stick people. They can draw anyone and anything.

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