Achilles's High tops By: Colin Schuster

CEO: Achilles

CFO: Pyrrhus

Marketing Managers: Diemondia, Thetis, Peleus

Vice President: Patroclus

What we do here at Achilles's High tops is try to make and sell the best high tops in the world. As you may have heard, our CEO is a demigod, his symbol is his shield and he is invulnerable except for the heel. His mother, Thetis, is a sea nymph. His father, Peleus, is the king of Myrmidons. When Achilles was born, Thetis wanted to make him immortal. So as any mother would have, she went to the River Styx and bathed him in it.
River Styx

Thetis later realized that she forgot to bathe his ankle from which she held him from. His father, Peleus saw this act as a attempt to drown their son. He then exiled Thetis. Peleus wanted Achilles to train in the military and train as a hunter. Achilles trained for nine years and met his great friend, Patroclus. One day, Thetis came back, and took Achilles at the age of nine to the island of Skyros in the Aegean Sea.

Achilles then grew up on the island of Skyros. He fought in the Trojan War which took place in the city of Troy and lasted for ten years. Today Troy would be located in Turkey. Achilles never got to marry anyone but he did have a son. His son was named Pyrrhus. He had him with Diemondia, the daughter of the king of Skyros. Pyrrhus later grew up and became the king of Hellenistic Epirus. He then became the vice president of Achilles's High Tops. Pyrrhus wrote many poems and books about the art of war. He was praised by Cicero, a Roman philosopher.

Come to Achilles's High Tops to get the best padding on your heels at the most affordable price. You will also look great in our high tops. Our store is now at a discount of 40% off of everything. Everyone of our employees will be glad to help you if you come into our stores. They will find you the best high tops for your preferences. Customers can also go to our website online and order your high tops hassle free. If you are like Achilles and has heel problems you should come on down to Achilles's High Tops to get the best high tops in the world.




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