Iroquois Theater Fire How did this fire affect the US?

Safety- the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury. The Iroquois Theater Fire was supposed to be safe when it really wasn't. There were multiple probelms with the fire system. The Iroquois Theater Fire was a deadly fire that influenced people to make changes to fire safety laws.

The Iroquois Theater was made on November 23, 1903. It was said to be a "virtual temple of beauty"(LibGuides: Significant Illinois Fires: Iroquois Theater Fire). This means that the theater was very beautiful. The theater had 30 exits, 27 of those were double doors. The fire occurred on December 30, 1903. It was a full house. In conclusion, the theater was really beautiful.

"Fire inspector Ed Laughlin looked over the theater... and declared that it was 'fireproof beyond doubt'"("Fire breaks out in Chicago theater"). Even though the building was fireproof it wasn't safe. There weren't any sprinklers, the doors were hidden behind big, heavy doors, and doors opened inward. The were many more fire safety problems. To sum it up, the theater was not as safe as it was said to be.

One of the lights exploded back stage. It was surrounded by oily rags and other really flammable things. When the actors were informed they rushed behind the curtains. The main male actor came out and told the crowd to stay calm. A curtain was being lowered to stop the fire. The curtain didn't fully come down and it was made of paper. The people on the balconies didn't have a way down. The balcony exits were blocked by illegal gates. Most people decided to jump. More than half of the doors were locked. People died of suffocation and being burnt. In the end 600 people died, most of them women and children.

The fire affected the US. It made laws on fire safety pass. Some laws were that sprinklers had to be built in, doors had to open outward, and fire alarm systems had to be put in the buildings. There were many other laws passed. In conclusion, many laws were passed because of the fire.

The Iroquois Theater Fire was killed more than 600 people and showed that new safety laws had to be made. The fire was one of the deadliest that made the world see it as an example of a poorly built building with no fire safety that caused a lot of death. In conclusion, the Iroquois Theater Fire was a dangerous fire that took many lives and influenced the world.


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