Randall Jarrell By: Ivan Bustamante

He began his writing when he enlisted in the army air force (corps) for WWII in 1942, his writing style was modernism.
He quit being in the air force and went as a control operator for WWII. This new change impacted his way of writing, seeing and hearing what some soldiers went through putting more emotion towards his writing.
While teaching in Kenyon College he met John Crowe Ransom and Robert Lowell. Meeting John influenced him to go into writing more. He even got a few pointers from him.
Randall Jarrell wrote his writing insight of WWII and worked highly in criticism towards his writing and other fellow writers and poets.
The theme of the "Eighth Air Force" as i read is, you hold no blame in yourself for how the world is but man themselves are to be blamed. In WWII it is a great example for the theme. Soldiers fight in the war but why do they fight? Because of man, man brought them there, man created that war and man is to be blamed. Blamed for their actions that have been set upon the world.
"Eighth Air Force" Talks about soldiers suffering throughout the war. How even in their dreams they are hunted by man's cause. How they've become murders even if they are protecting themselves. How they blame themselves for this war when man is to be held upon God's hand (blame).

"I have suffered, in a dream, because of him, many things" this text relates to me for at times I dream of how corrupted this world is due to man. Not just in dreams but in life as well, weather its war or money tax its man that hold all power and wish to do away with it.

"The other murderers troop in yawning; three of them play Pitch, one sleeps, and one lies counting missions, lies there sweating till even his heart beats" this text is a text to world because it relates to the soldiers of how what they think they are in this case "murders" and how they sweat and heat beats for they won't know what their next mission will bring them...

"I have suffered, in a dream, because of him, Many things; for this last saviour, man, I have lied as I lie now. But what is lying? Men wash their hands, in blood, as best they can: I find no fault in this just man."
"...The really damned not only like hell, they feel loyal to it..."


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