School Books

My significant choice I made at this point was doing all of my homework to the best of my ability. Without doing homework you become lost in the way you learn and how much you information you retain during and after class. Homework is such an important aspect and doing it can give you the advantage you need to strive in school.

The lesson I learned at this point was putting effort in your work transfers throughout truly everything you do. When you can manage your time and complete your homework this shows a source of responsibilities. This made me grow as a student who actively engages in class.

This impacts my life because I can engage in class participation who then can lead to a conversation with the teacher as well as other students.

Doing Chores

My significant choice I made was doing chores. Doing chores is not just a job at home to clean your house but it gives you a sense of time management. Without dealing with repercussions with my mom, you know you did not manage your time if you did not do your chores.

The lesson I learned was time management is always key when working. With doing chores it can prepare you for future jobs containing time management especially when being a teenager and acquiring a job while still going to school. This helped me grow because it give me the acknowledgement on how much responsibility goes into keeping a job.

The impact on myself and others is healthy house, healthy life. When you feel clean, are clean it just boosts your self esteem, and your overall feeling and thoughts of everything.


My choice was to join football. Joining football gave me the "Acceptance" point of view. A sense of being able to belong to a family besides my immediate family.

The lesson I learned was that you have to work for what you earn and gaining trust. When you work for what you work for and then earn you find you are more appreciative because you know you worked from blood, sweat, and tears to get where you wanted to be. You know you spent your time to accomplish your goal with whatever it is.

The impact on myself and others is leaving a legacy of the game of football, and also the absolute enjoyment of the game. Without the enjoyment of the game what is the point of playing football, or even watching it.


The choice I made was putting forth effort in being something bigger than just school. But actually acquiring education to have a career for something provide for essentially yourself and your family.

The lesson I learned was keep going even when I find life gets hard. This is the lesson I learned because when school gets hard you have to have perseverance and give it your all. When you complete something you started all the hard work pays off.

The impact on myself and others is that I get to move on with my peers. Moving on with my peers gives me a sense of accomplishment not just for me but for them, knowing I can still be there for my friends when they need me, along when I need my friends


The choice I made was starting to lift heavy weights. When I started to lift heavy weights, it put a challenge over my shoulders that I knew I had to get stronger. Once I started I was addicted.

The lesson was when putting work in you are bound to be a better version of yourself. The growth of me was getting bigger and stronger and improving physically, mentally, and emotionally

The impact of myself was, got addicted to being a better version of myself, so now I put forth effort in everything I do whether it is physically, mentally, or emotionally.


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