Canada in 2050 By: Harshita Sadhana


Hi my name is Harshita Sadhana and today I'm here to talk about what Canada will in 2050. I will be talking about: immigration, what the birth rate and death is in Canada now and a few years ago and also predict what the birth rate would be in 2050 and more. So lets get started

In 2011, Canada had a foreign born population, 1 of 6,775,800 people. They represented 20.6% of the total population, the highest proportion among 68 countries. Between 2006, and 2011 around 1,162,900 foreign born people immigrated to Canada. These recent immigrants made up 17.2% of the foreign born population and 3.5 % of the total population in Canada. Asia (including the Middle East) was Canada's largest source of immigrants during the past five years, although the share of immigration from Africa, Caribbean, Central and South America increased slightly. The vast majority of the foreign born population lived in four provinces: Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, and Alberta and most lived in the nations largest urban centers.
Birth Rate in Canada

Over the past 150 years, Canada has changed from a high fertility society where women had children during their lives to a low society where women are having fewer children overall and at increasingly older ages. In 2011, the total fertility rate was 1.61 children per woman slight up from the record low of 1.52 about a decade earlier.

Infant Mortality Rate in Canada

2008: 5.1

2009: 4.0

2010: 5.0

2011: 4.9

2012: 4.8

Death Rate
Estimated Death Rate in Canada

2011/2012:241, 500

2012/2013: 250,407

2013/2014: 254,885

2014/2015: 266, 164

2015/2016: 269, 012


The video explain how Canada will change in 2050 and how the number of deaths will outcome the birth rate and the only thing that can help is Immigrants.


In Conclusion I would like to say that I would want to stay where am I right now and not go in 2050 because there will be many challenges to face.

Birth Rate and death Rate in 2050 (prediction)

In my opinion I believe that the birth rate will drop in 2050 and the death rate will rise in 2050. The reason why I believe that the death rate will be higher than the birth rate is because of more: care accidents, more diseases, health, etc.


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